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          We are Texas Tough Customs and we specialize in building custom lifts, bumpers, and roll cages for Honda Pioneer 1000 and Honda Talons. TTC is a small shop located in Splendora, TX that takes pride in our quality, design, and craftsmanship. We started building lifts for the Honda Pioneer 1000 back in August of 2016 because we saw a need for a lift that would stretch the wheelbase to allow for bigger tires in order to unleash the Pioneer's full potential. Over the past few years of testing, we have located the weak links and significantly improved the strength, design, and ride quality of  the Pioneer 1000. 

          We know our prices are higher than other options out there, but we offer superior premium upgrades with design elements you won't find in any other product available. Everything we build is designed and built for extreme applications. Our lifts are geared to those who ride hard and are built to withstand the abuse from those running portals and big tires. Our TTC lifts, bumpers, and rock sliders are the strongest and most versatile products on the market for Honda Pioneer 1000's and Honda Talons.


          We pride ourselves on customer service and stand behind our products 100%. With Texas Tough Customs you get what you pay for, and that's why we offer a lifetime warranty on all products we build.

We are Texas Tough Customs!