TTC 6" Long Travel Kit (Powder Coated)

TTC 6" Long Travel Kit (Poweder Coated)


This lift if for the Honda Pioneer 1000 and comes with everything you need to bolt on and ride. This kit contains front and rear upper and lower arched a-arms, TTC HD tie rods, ball joints, SATV UHMW bushings, coil spring spacers, steel braided brake lines, and all necessary hardware for installation. (You will also need extended axles)(LE, SE, Forest, and Trail models require custom axles)


Our TTC 6" Long Travel Kit adds 5" of width to each side of your machine and moves the front wheels forward 4.5" and the rear wheels back 3.5" giving you 8" of extra wheelbase over stock. (If you plan to run portals with our 6" kit you must have adjustable shocks)


GIVE US A CALL BEFORE YOU ORDER if you plan to run portals and tires larger than 35". We recommend adding front link bars to help take stress off of the lower arms and lower frame tabs, as well as a few other upgrades depending on your setup.


Note: You must remove your sway bar with this kit. Also, bracket lifts can not be used with any of our TTC lifts.


For all the details, visit our "Lifts" section under "Details."


For installation instructions, download the PDF in the footer at bottom of page. 


Ask us about our upgraded tubing options for those extreme builds. 


What is the 2 bolt design front upper arm upgrade? (Not available for 2022+ year models) This upgrade is for those extreme builds or those having trouble with the upper frame tabs wallering or ripping. Our 2 bolt design converts the stock front upper arms from the long 10mm bolt, to two 12mm bolts at the frame. This increases strenght and drastically decreases the possibility of ripping the upper frame tabs. Our 2 bolt design kit comes with all the parts and hardware needed for installation. (This upgrade requires welding two extra tabs to the frame on each side.) 

TTC 6" Long Travel Kit (Powder Coated)