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TTC HD Tie Rods (Powder Coated)

These are the Texas Tough Customs HD Tie Rods for the Honda Pioneer 1000. These come standard with each of our complete lift kits, but If you are not running one of our lifts but still want to beef up your tie rods then look no further. Our TTC HD Tie Rods use automotive grade inner tie rod ends and 5/8-18 heims with 1/2" bolts for outer tie rod ends. These HD tie rods are a direct replacement for your stock Pioneer 1000 tie rods and even maintain the use of the stock inner tie rod boots. 


We also offer upgraded 14mm inner tie rod ends by request.


(Our tie rods have right hand threads on both ends. This requires you to remove the tie rod from the hub assembly/ spindle to make toe adjustments)

TTC HD Tie Rods (Powder Coated)

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RB3+TTC Tie Rods Discount

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