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TTC Stage 2 "Heim Style" HD Tie Rods (Powder Coated)

These are the Texas Tough Customs Stage 2 "Heim Style" HD Tie Rods for the Honda Pioneer 1000. These are an upgrade to our standard HD Tie Rods and feature 5/8" right hand heims on both the inners and outters. These tie rods use a 1/2" grade 8 bolt and HMA spacers to secure to the spindle at the wheel, and a custom 5/8" Heim clevis on the inside that screws into the rack and pinion. (THE HEIM CLEVIS MUST BE CLOCKED TO THE REAR OF THE MACHINE WHEN INSTALLING. See installation instructions tab at the bottom of page.) 



Note: These tie rods do not have both a right hand and left hand thread for adjusting on the machine, therefore you must remove the outer end from the spindle for adjustment. 

TTC Stage 2 "Heim Style" HD Tie Rods (Powder Coated)

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