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TTC Talon R Rear 3" Lift (Powder Coated)

TTC Talon Rear 3" Lift (Powder Coated)


This rear 3" lift if for the Honda Talon 1000 R and comes with everything you need to bolt on and ride. This kit contains our TTC upper and lower high clearance trailing arms, provides 3" of lift, and moves the rear wheels back 3". When running our TTC Trailing arms it is recommended that you upgrade to our TTC radius rods as well. (Bracket lifts can not be used with any of our TTC lifts)


Our TTC Rear 3" lift maintains Talon R stock width (68") with stock R axles.


Note: Slight modification required to stock spindle/hub assembly.


(Coming Soon) If you have a Talon X and want to convert to the R suspension, you will need new R Axles and our TTC Talon Radius Rods, our kit does the rest.


TTC Talon R Rear 3" Lift (Powder Coated)

PriceFrom $1,400.00
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